New feasts of capitalism

It seems that the high priests of capitalism have added a further two required ‘Feast Days’ to the annual calendar of festivals at the altar of consumerism: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The faithful have, by all accounts, exceeded themselves in fervent participation at the various cathedrals and platforms of retail therapy.

Interestingly, in the USA, these two new “Feast Days” fall either side of family-centred Thanksgiving Day which dates back to the 17thC Puritan settlers.

Here in the UK, they fall either side of the ancient Christian Feast Day of Advent Sunday.

While we all enthusiastically hunt for a good bargains, the best is to be found on Advent Sunday.

Here we anticipate Christmas and the incarnation of God Himself as sin-bearer, offering unconditional forgiveness as a totally free gift (no quibbles, ifs, ands or buts).

This is far and away the best bargain you’ll find anywhere. Furthermore, this gift comes with a lifelong guarantee to fulfil all your heart’s innermost needs and longings both now and for eternity.


West Parade