No evidence in climate claims

Bexhill Observer letters
Bexhill Observer letters

From: John Lillburne, Winterbourne Lane, Lewes

I couldn’t help noticing in the Hastings Observer of September 29 that a large number of people who believe in the myth of man-made climate change, are now circulating around the country on a bus powered by chip fat.

Of course, the C02 from the atmosphere that is trapped in the seeds from which the oil is extracted, is released back into the atmosphere when the oil is burnt in an engine.

This is exactly the same principle that CO2, originally trapped in fossil fuels, is released back into the atmosphere when burnt in cars and power stations.

The ‘warmers’ are doing nothing virtuous in using chip fat as a fuel because the principle is exactly the same as burning fossil fuels.

However, the more important part of my letter is this: Instead of using waffling, non challenge-able rhetoric that appeared in the article about the bus, I challenge Gabriel Carlyle and his band of alarmist ‘warmer’ friends to do the following:

Name an approximate date when, if we continue to produce C02 at the present rate, the planet will fall into the fiery furnace that the ‘warmers’ say will happen.

Also, give a concentration in parts per million of C02 that represents a tipping point, that will cause the planet to become a burning cauldron. We could then evaluate this figure against historical records to see how the planet was fairing at the time of this named concentration. We must bear in mind of course that the historical average for CO2 concentration has been 2000 p.p.m. That is five times what it is today. So let’s see what concentration the warmers come up with, if they dare.