No good without change at the top - make your vote count for Bexhill

Your letters to the newspaper
Your letters to the newspaper

From: Stephen Jackson, Albert Road, Bexhill

The proposed new Rother parking scheme has attracted harsh criticism over the weeks, though how widespread is debatable.

One criticism which can be rejected, however, is that there was insufficient time/ lack of publicity. You’d have to have been living on Mars not to know about it.

But here is the nub: what better distraction than a row over a minor issue. Michael Crotty’s roundabouts is another – sorry Michael!

When the usual suspects have turned down their burners I’ll continue!

Yes, it is a minor issue. Major issues like why our services, etc, have to be provided in a certain way – and where our money goes – are not up for discussion.

We can talk about the details of what is, tweaking bits here and there, but not the basics: how our country is run, who runs it and our place in it. No wonder turnout at elections is so low.

The crash of 2007-8 cost us £1trillion in bailout and guarantees, yet no-one has been held to account. As millions can testify we are the ones who get hit, are always being told to tighten our belts. It’s cuts, cuts, cuts all the way.

You’re not going to like it but being independent is not going to hack it without fundamental change at the top. Bexhill an island complete unto itself? Sorry, but no.