No laws around fossil collecting

Bexhill Observer letters
Bexhill Observer letters

From: Mr B. K Leach, Bexhill Road, Ninfield

Reference your publication of September 15, article on page three of Bexhill Observer – Fossil hunters warned to stay within the law.

My concern refers to the headline above this article.

There are no laws governing the collection of fossils on beaches. There are, however, important laws against digging into cliff faces, damaging flood defences and disturbing wildlife.

The straightforward collecting of fossils is a traditional beach pastime that is encouraged by successful seaside resorts.

Your attitude and its heading seems to be unhelpful to the town.

The question of damaging the beach environment sometimes needs greater stressing but the matter of dealing with fossil collecting seems to stress rules and regulations and create the wrong atmosphere with officiousness.

During my strolls along the beach, I have not noticed any similarity with scenes common at the seaside in Dorset.

A ‘collection Code of Conduct’ which goes further than the avoidance of damage can only be advisory and does not carry the force of law. ‘Warning to stay within the law’ is ridiculous.