No protection for pedestrians

From: Richard Brown, Barnhorn Road, Bexhill

Living on the A259 to Little Common, I have noticed how the traffic has changed in such a little span of time.

The improvements that have been done have made it even worse, the points of which are the ‘no go’ areas 
in the middle of the road which now pushes larger vehicles and cars closer to the kerb.

On many occasions I have seen large HGVs veer away from the kerb due to noticing how close their wing mirrors get to pedestrians walking along the road.

The other point is that the speed is not monitored or controlled in any way.

I have on many occasions witnessed vehicles travelling at more than 30mph, it will 
be only a matter of time before a HGV or van ploughs through and into someone’s property.

There is no protection for pedestrians along the road and due to a lack of maintenance, the bushes will push you further to the road.