No resource for designated lane

From: Taliesin Bourne, St Peter’s Crescent, Bexhill

I would like to reply to Maureen Sterling in regards to her letter titled “Impossible to relax near bikes.”

As a keen cyclist myself and a resident of Bexhill, I find some views of my own are contrasting.

Bexhill has neither the resources or the money to make cycle paths on roads. Let alone the fact that these cycle paths, if implemented, would be dangerous due to cars parked badly.

To add two extra lanes to the roads of Bexhill would mean that cyclists would be pushed against the parked cars due to cars passing in the even thinner roads.

Cyclists along the promenade are often portrayed as some sort of mindless creatures who are unable to navigate for themselves. When cycling along the prom, I am constantly checking my path is clear and any dangers that are upcoming.

Rarely is it so busy that I have to weave in and out of pedestrians and no matter the amount of people present I am cautious of my speed.

Undoubtedly there are a few that are careless of their own and others’ safety, however they are the minority that give the rest of the cycling community a bad name.

I do agree that a designated cycle lane should be put in place along the promenade.

However, as previously mentioned, I understand that the resources are not there so anything that encourages people to leave their cars at home is surely a benefit to Bexhill and Bexhill’s cycling community.