Not impressed by waste collection

Chris Hargrave

Cardinals Close, Pebsham

I’ve just watched the refuse collectors empty my glass recycling contents into my general recycling waste.

It all went into the lorry as one. No problem with this if the recycling centre sorts it.

Now if that is indeed the case why are we asked to use a separate container for general and glass recycling?

This will not be an isolated incident today and was probably done through Christmas pressures, one of which might be the lorry used not having a separate area for glass, but this is a guess.

If you include this incident with the erratic collection times over the past year, actually since the times where last reorganised, it makes me think the council are not employing enough collection facilities to efficiently carry out the job.

Lastly you always know when the waste has been collect by the amount of rubbish lying about the roads, and by tyre marks on verges.

All-in-all I’m not very impressed with this operation by anybody involved in it, it being just another symptom of modern societies attitude to life.

Laws (i.e. recycling) won’t change that, only attitudes.