Now’s the chance to bring change at the top in Bexhill

Stand for election in Rother
Stand for election in Rother

From: Laurence Keeley, Fairfield, Herstmonceux

May I appeal to residents in Bexhill and the rest of Rother, to consider becoming a local councillor.

Just 38 troops are needed to take on the developers.

We have just experienced a full council unable to make a decision, mainly because developers are in control of planning.

We should not have a situation where a developer can say ‘I want to build here, you try and stop me’.

If you are concerned about over-development, social care, education and transport, do something about it. We have an opportunity to change things in May this year.

1) Take away the right of appeal from developers.

2) Cap the cost of development land

3) Build communities not just estates.

4) Create open space and self-sufficient gardens to grow food for residents on the developments – this would give a healthier lifestyle.

6) No development at Spindlewood.

7) Reconsider the Drill Hall plans.

8) A plan for £60 million for a Bexhill Town council.

9) Revitalise village life.

Get your application form from your District Council. They need to be in by April 3.