Pensioners may struggle to pay for basic healthcare

Elderly care can become expensive
Elderly care can become expensive

From: R. Sanderson, Top Cross Road, Bexhill

I have recently become aware that our surgery, namely Turkey Road and Albert Road, are no longer doing ear syringing.

What is even more disconcerting is that other surgeries are still supplying that service free. I and many others with hearing problems now have to seek to have private treatment.

The good people of Bexhill Hospital were unable to do a Hearing Assessment due to wax being present in my ears.

I had them syringed privately at the end of December, and this was the beginning of March.

That being the case, I shall probably need this service three times yearly. Having done my research, I have been quoted prices from £40 up to £75. I cannot help worrying that many poor elderly people will struggle to meet those charges.

Life becomes so much more difficult without hearing and indeed can hasten other problems such as dementia. With the inability to communicate, it is easy to disconnect from everyday life.

Surely this is false economy on the part of the surgery?