Plays were both well-presented

Rose Legg

Knights Meadow, Battle

There was a palpable air of excitement in the Blods Hall, Manor Barn Gardens, on December 29, the opening night of ‘Nobody Sleeps’ and ‘Parentcraft’.

Five actors – one man and four women – gave funny and emotional performances in the two short plays.

I preferred the first play where a hapless burglar met his match, but both were well-presented and drew the audience into the stories. Nearly every seat was taken which is a massive achievement in the dead time after Christmas.

Blods Hall is a little theatre, seating about 60 and with a small bar area. It is welcoming with a friendly atmosphere and easy parking, a bonus these days.

Well done to Henri Hayler, the director and cast. It was an excellent opening. There are more of these one act plays coming up which I shall be aiming to see. Get in quickly, I can see them selling out.