Rail-replacement disorder

Just to add my little moan of the week and again wonder why we as a society are unable to plan even fairly straightforward operations right.

I suppose the reasons why are cost-cutting, under-funding, under-staffing etc

But of course all these are related so I do wonder sometimes is it just a matter of poor and insufficient planning by the parties concerned with in fact plenty of resources available?

I refer to the state of affairs at Bexhill Central Station last Saturday when buses and coaches were being used as rail replacement owing to railway engineering works.

There were passenger vehicles everywhere - on corners, blocking access, obstructing the way etc.

In my mind all it needed was the parking on the South side of Station Road blocked off for the period in question.

This must be organised well in advance telling residents etc of what is going on and more importantly making sure a police presence on site all the time keeping the traffic moving when a situation develops.

I believe the taxi drivers were complaining about the situation as well as of course the general public and users of the roads around the area that could not move due to vehicles blocking the road.

I believe the people responsible for running the parking facility for the taxi services were unable/unwilling to police their own area.

I understand that the same situation existed at Hastings Station.

Why oh why can we not as a society even organise such a relatively simple operation?

Is it impossible for those who had planned this replacement in association with relevant authorities to make sure that parking and proper Policing was available for the duration of the issue.

Or do they start the operation knowing it will just have to manage or do they not even bother to contact authorities because they know the answer will be no? Or do they simply not think!


Eastwood Road