In his letter last week, Jim Milne’s solution to Bexhill governance is to ”remove the Conservative Party from power and to elect the prospective AIC (Association of Independent Candidates) on May 7th”

May I remind readers that there are other political alternatives the electorate can vote for. Bexhill & Battle Labour Party is supporting the setting up of a Bexhill Town Council and will be fielding candidates in Bexhill wards on May 7th.

Also, last week’s Bexhill Observer covered a story about how the proliferation of charity shops can have an adverse effect on small, independent retailers who do not benefit from business rate relief. When interviewed, Rother District Council Officer Tony Leonard said” While we are responsible for collecting business rates, the rate itself is set by Central Government so we are limited in our powers to vary rates.” The Labour Party is committed to supporting small business and if elected, will cut business rates for them.

Lesley Wilde

Park Road