Response to letter

With reference to the letter in last week’s Observer, headed council ‘Problems with current system’. I would like to correct one point made by the writers when they list examples of the “slow deterioration in services and appearance” caused by RDC policies. Namely, “a museum to a Trust”

Bexhill Museum has always been fully supported by the local authority, Bexhill Corporation from 1912, when it was just an idea of a few residents, through to its opening in 1914, and then by RDC from 1974 to the present day. From 1919 to 2003 the Museum’s affairs were in the hands of the Bexhill Museum Association, becoming a charity in 1983. This change of status was brought about by the will of its members, NOT by Rother District Council. To bring the situation up to date, in 2003 the two museums in the town officially amalgamated to become The Society of Bexhill Museums Ltd, a charitable limited company, the name since changed to Bexhill Museum Ltd.

As both residents and visitors can testify, there are certainly no signs of any ‘slow deterioration’ in the appearance or services offered by the Museum, in fact the total reverse, with RDC fully involved in the Museum’s Renaissance in Bexhill Redevelopment Project, which saw a greatly enlarged facility opened in 2008.

John Betts

Eden Drive