Selfish parking on bonfire night

Bexhill Observer letters
Bexhill Observer letters

From: Diane Smith, Northcliffe, Bexhill

It’s great that people organise public events like the Galley Hill fireworks on November 5, but where was the practical organisation, particularly of parking?

Why was St Richards College not asked to open up its grounds, which could have taken at least some of the people who selfishly blocked Ashdown Road, Galley Hill View and Northcliffe (and I suspect also Links Drive and its adjacent roads)?

I would also point out that they ignored the signs clearly stating that Northcliffe is a private road and parking on it is not permitted.

Had an emergency occurred, it would have been impossible to get emergency vehicles down these roads.

Had I not had urgent matters elsewhere I would have called the police to deal with the numerous obstructions, dangerous parking around junctions, parking on pavements and verges, etc.

Of course people should be able to go out and enjoy themselves, but that doesn’t permit them to be selfish and ignore the law.

I suppose people are just so used to parking anywhere in Bexhill with impunity, that common sense (and consideration for others) has been completely lost!