Some lost opportunities


Bexhill Road, Ninfield

Congratulations to Pit Stop Youth Services (and their supporters), also Rother District Council for sponsoring The Beach Hut appeal and Skate Park respectively.

Sadly, this is offset by lost opportunities.

Some years ago, The Education Authority spent some three million pounds to create a Skill Centre, offering carpentry, bricklaying, painting, engineering, hairdressing and catering. All useful skills for the youngsters in Bexhill.

This was to be skill training as formerly carried out by Bexhill Down Secondary School, whose work can still be seen in St Peter’s Church.

This Skill Centre is now an abandoned facility with grass growing out of the roof for all to see, as they pass down the Link Road to even more proposed housing and industrial facilities to join with the undeveloped industrial areas in Hastings.

Further back in time, Clifford Gulliver, a local philanthropist and theatre Impresario, gave a sports ground to the Sidley community, as well as a Bowls Club in Bexhill, both of which are being threatened by “development”.

Can it be predicted that these, like a piece from Bexhill Down was “moved” to Hollier’s Hill, with a junction lay-out change, lost and sold.

Another property soon to be lost is the Superintendent’s House at Clinche Green, built circa 1902 as quality family property, with stabling and gardens.

This has been abandoned to become covered in Ivy and other overgrowth, since 2005.

There must be a large family on a housing list that could use this dwelling as intended.

Oh I forget, local authorities don’t provide houses, like other services, they are contracted out with duplicate administrations and infrastructure charges.