State of our grass verges is a joke

Bexhill Observer letters
Bexhill Observer letters

From: R E Wilks, Woodsgate Park, Bexhill

The state of the grass verges in Bexhill is a joke. Or is it just here in Woodsgate Park?

The way things are going as nature slowly encroaches the grass verges will soon cover the whole pavement.

The problem seems to be a clear case of the council giving the verge cutting contract to the cheapest tender, resulting in the grass cuttings being strewn across the path and taking seed.

Myself and some other conscientious neighbours take it upon ourselves to cut the verges in front of our respective homes, but why should we, that’s what we pay our rates for?

I realise an overgrown front garden doesn’t help the situation, but again I can remember a time when the council would draw this to the relevant homeowner’s attention encouraging them to cut back any over hanging growth,which again seems to suggest that council have no interest in promoting civic pride within the town.