Such important piece of history

Bexhill Observer letters
Bexhill Observer letters

From: Derek Stocker, Duke Street, Bexhill

Thank you to the Observer for publishing the wonderful photograph as it once was of the statue of King Harold and Edith in West Marina Gardens as part of Ion Castro’s captivating collection of photos and observations of our local area.

I pass this statue twice a day and I now realise what from the road looks basically like two blobs on a plinth was once a superb piece of artwork, but time and weather have had a terrible effect.

How any major council can stand by and see this happening is beyond me and I really cannot imagine any County Council placing such an iconic piece out in the open now.

Can nothing be done to retain what detail is now left after decades in the open in salt air on a wind ravaged seafront?

Surely what is left could and definitely should be put under cover preferably in a museum or reception area setting of a large public establishment so that it can be viewed for many years in what condition it is now but at least in an environment that preserves this representation of such an important part of local history.