Team of failures look after roads

Bexhill Observer letters
Bexhill Observer letters

From: Derek Stocker, Duke Street, Bexhill on Sea

If anyone is wondering why the very rocky and potted surface of the Marsh Road between Little Common and Pevensey roundabout has not been repaired after several months and after I and others apparently have reported more than once to the council, we now find out its down to the inability to actually look after the roads in their care by an outfit called “Highways England”.

In the past UK roads were looked after by local councils, now somehow this team of failures has come on the scene and seem to have no idea of the damage being done to vehicles that use this particular road and probably many others in our county.

It surprises me not in the slightest when we learn that Highways England is also responsible for the road on the Dartford Crossing where they have failed to collect tolls from foreign registered vehicles but still charge UK drivers.

Apparently this has amounted to a £1million loss to UK coffers last year, and rising.

So we cannot expect any improvement on the Marsh Road any time soon I should not think.

Where ever does our Council Tax payments go?