Thanks to the county council

I would like to thank Helen Pain, senior traffic and safety officer, and the road safety team at East Sussex County Council, for their support and action in providing the new bus stop bay in Westcourt Drive, Bexhill-on-Sea.

A campaign of some sort has been on going for about nine months to help residents in the Collington Ward to make matters better for pedestrians, vehicle/bus drivers and bus travellers.

The safety issues have not just been the parking problems with Hastings Direct but generally in assisting the bus to stop properly at the curb in Westcourt Drive near the junction with Collington Avenue.

This bay now makes it easier for buses to park by the curb instead of having to double park by the parked vehicles allowing passengers to embark and disembark the bus.

This caused a number of safety issues with vehicles having to go on the wrong side of the road, which is on a bend to get round the bus with potential head on collisions.

The procedures always take time but eventually ESCC did the job and have helped not just the bus drivers but all travellers and the local residents.


Westcourt Drive