The EU has created mass unemployment

On reading our local Labour Party Chairman’s assertion that “…the EU has been a force for peace and economic stability…” I heard, loud and clear, the immortal words of John McEnroe: YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!

NATO has kept the peace. The EU has brought violence, extremism, uncontrolled immigration and all the social pressures that go with it, worldwide economic instability, mass unemployment, corruption and waste.

EU sycophants here have bought into its political chicanery, abandoning centuries-old, hard-fought British values of freedom, independence, democracy and sovereignty.

They are whipped by a metropolitan liberal elite, bullied by big business and intimidated by EU running dogs in the media.

As expected, Mr Woodroffe has added that nice little back-scratching caveat, “there is a need for reform” i.e. we can perhaps re-arrange the deck-chairs a little more to your liking.

But we remain aboard Titanic Europe as it ploughs arrogantly onward, disregarding all warnings, into a disaster which has been taking shape for a very long time.

The scoffing elite in first class urging the captain to go faster, they’ll be OK.

There are lifeboats for them. But pity the poor bloody masses trapped in steerage.

We already see harbingers of this calamity all over southern Europe. This foolhardy ‘unsinkable’ monstrosity will founder as all such naïve, ultimately enforced utopian dreams and towers of babel have done.

Mr Bastin, UKIP’s parliamentary candidate, whom he accuses of ignoring local issues, thoroughly addressed ‘localism’ in a previous edition of the Observer.

It’s ostrich-like to say let’s stop talking about Europe and talk about more local issues, because the EU takes tens of millions of pounds from us every single day and has its grubby hands over virtually every area of our lives including local issues.

The unelected EU politburo is responsible for most of the legislation which passes through our parliament.

It is the dinosaur in the room.

So for the sake of democracy: Labour/LibDems et al, kindly trust the British people with a vote in an in/out referendum on whether we want to stay in your EU bastion of peace and prosperity, and we in turn will consider trusting you with our vote on May 7th.


West Parade