The general election - some conclusions

The general election has come and gone.

Conclusions? Labour first; they deserved annihilation in Scotland.

Which policy wonk thought it was a good idea to side with the Establishment on the independence referendum, and then to run an arrogant and derogatory election campaign targeting the SNP?

Labour has forgotten its roots: a socialist, progressive party, internationalists. Fighting for the ordinary people, wherever they are.

Next, the Liberals. The Liberals hijacked the Liberal Democrat party and used it as a vehicle to get into power.

They destroyed the Lib Dems and now they have destroyed themselves.

Did they delude themselves that coalition was the only option or was that merely the official line? It doesn’t matter, the loss of trust was fatal.

What, then of UKIP? Any leader who delivers four million votes deserves a medal. Instead they are squabbling amongst themselves.

That oh-so Establishment party - think about it! - pulled the wool over many an eye!

The Greens? About to take over Labour’s mantle? A lot can happen in five years!

Which brings us to the Tories who just squeaked over the line.

Some statistics. In head-to-heads with Labour, Labour had a net gain of two seats.

In the share of the vote Labour had a higher percentage increase.

But it was interaction with the Liberals that seems to have been decisive with the Tories taking 26 seats from them to Labour’s 10.

Is it credible the Lib Dem voters in 2010 switched to the Tories in 2015? No. I suspect what happened was that either they didn’t vote or voted Green, letting the Tories come through the middle, a classic election occurrence.

So, now the Tories are out on their own. No more Liberal cover, no more Uncle Vince trotting up to soft-soap us.

Anyone for PR? With AV rightly rejected PR’s time has come.

Stephen Jackson

Albert Road