The people have spoken, so listen

Bexhill Observer letters
Bexhill Observer letters

From: Lee Griffin, Malvern Way, Hastings

I refer to councillor Chowney’s comments in the October 27 edition of the Observer. Who does he think he is to say that we voted to leave because we wanted to vent our frustration of finding a job, making a living, and making ends meet?

We as a nation voted as we were getting our point across like you’re supposed to. The fact that we as ‘brexiteers’ won is the point that more people are fed up with, idiotic bureaucracy that has taken over the EU and put hardships on our great land and taken money from us to fund some absolutely crazy ideas that seem geared towards the left side of politics.

I live in a poor part of town and I am currently in and out of work due to the nature of work here in our great little town. I do not see any of these improvements you have said are being done – in fact, if any work is being carried out in our town it seems to be in the parts where we have tourism and make money from.

The fact you state that the fishermen are the biggest beneficiary of EU funding goes to show how much we gave up for the foreign boats to come into our seas and take our quota of fish. Reading Paul Joy’s section next to yours makes grim reading, don’t you think? And I would be more inclined to listen to a man who has worked that job his whole life over a think tank paid by government to give us answers.

Maybe with our waters back and those foreign boats paying a tax to come here, we wouldn’t need that money from the EU and just spit balling here, maybe we could build up our border forces with some boats and more staff to protect and serve our fishermen and waters, creating new jobs for some lucky people.

The fact that Labour keeps bringing out the old quotes of ‘what will we do without the EU workers coming here to work’ goes to show you know nothing at all about the fact that these people who are currently here will be allowed to stay in some form and work. Yes, it has yet to be decided how, but you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see it will work well once sorted, and why oh why would we stop tourism because we are out of the EU? Okay, there maybe an exchange rate difference but people expect that on holidays and it will all come good with people still flocking to this beautiful town to see our rich history and fantastic sites.

As for the short fall of £7 million coming to the council when we are out, maybe you could open the toilets and charge 20p for a pee, or even still go to the rest of your councillors and make a pact that even though it’s been voted on, you will stay on your old wage and the rest will be forwarded to the council to help your fellow town folk.

I’m sure you will come up with imaginative ways to claw back the short falls somewhere – you know, like squeak a few more pounds for parking on roads, or the brilliant fact of paying for a permit to park in your road where you live. We will get a limit on immigration even though you say we won’t because we will not be forced to accept them like we are now. And as for sovereignty, we will get it back eventually as we move away from the European court of justice and its ridiculous crazy laws as that’s what we voted for and if we don’t see it happening, we will vote someone in to help get what we want.

THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN SO LISTEN UP. Your days of doing what you think you can are over.