There should be no further ado

Bexhill Observer letters
Bexhill Observer letters

From: Anthony Shuttleworth

Meads Road

If the information from Democracy 4 Bexhill (D4B) is correct and that approaching 10,000 local residents took part in the consultation for the future governance of Bexhill of which 90 per cent favoured a Town Council for Bexhill, then all should be well. We should secure a Bexhill Town Council without further ado.

But there is a problem. Thirty-one of the 38 councillors in the Rother District Council are Conservatives and the heavily Conservative majority, led by the Conservative Cabinet, do not want a Bexhill Town Council to dilute their power and influence; or so they see it.

The Rother antipathy to a Bexhill Town Council was plain for me to see, from the Conservative contributions during a meeting at the Bexhill Town Hall earlier this year and it seems to be hardening.

The Conservative councillors should cast their gaze north and reflect on what happened to the Labour Party in Scotland. There Labour was totally dominant and took the population for granted. In addition the quality of the Labour MPs in Scotland had deteriorated. As a result the Scottish Independent Party virtually wiped out the Labour MPs north of the border in 2015.

If the obvious clamour for a Bexhill Town Council, independent of Rother, is denied by Rother Conservative Councillors, there could be ructions here too.