Time for voices to be heard

Bexhill Observer letters
Bexhill Observer letters

From: Carole Woodland, Cooden Drive, Bexhill

Can you believe it? Well yes, you probably can. The first phase of consultation about the Bexhill Community Review is over, the Steering Group having devised a shortlist of just three options.

Now, Rother District Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee sees fit to throw a fourth option into the melting pot (an option that Democracy4Bexhill tell us only one person in the consultation suggested).

Goodness knows how much extra cost this will involve. The paper tells us it needed just FOUR votes to carry the vote for this extra option. Democracy at work? This may show residents why they need a town council to save them money and give them a real voice.

How often throughout the country do we hear people say they feel let down by the council, that they are not given enough information, that they do not feel the council is working to help them, their voices have been ignored by the council for years?

Do people see this fourth option of three parishes for Bexhill as a case of divide and rule? Do they see it as a sign of council arrogance that they throw in this fourth option? Do they see it as an attempt by the council to avoid being faced by a strong united town council?

It is time for the voices of the people of Bexhill to be heard loud and clear above the voices of the council.

Democracy for Bexhill. A Bexhill Town Council.