Tory candidate

I note we have a Conservative Party candidate for the upcoming election in place of Greg Barker. The gentleman concerned is 41 yrs old and given the “safety” of the Battle and Bexhill constituency (the landslide Labour victory of 1997 still gave the Cons a 10,000+ majority) he COULD be our MP for the next 35 yrs, representing 65-70,000 people. When he comes up for his last election in 2045 he will be our MP because 30 yrs previously, he was chosen, by a majority of (the precise number is not available from the local Cons. Ass. office) members of his party association (most of whom will be dead by then). Four candidates were in the final “vote off”. It’s probably safe to assume that the combined vote of the losing 3 exceeded that of Mr Merrimans. No opinion was sought from the 65-70,000 constituents he will represent (the argument that anyone can join a local Party association, then vote, is fallacious since it would require pledging allegiance to that Party and paying a membership fee).

It’s comforting to know, that in the 21st century, we live in such a modern, vibrant and open democracy.


Richard Topping

Upper Sea Rd