Town is always the unlucky loser

Bexhill Observer letters
Bexhill Observer letters

From: Gareth Smith, Peartree Lane, Bexhill

I write in support of Richard Madge and Mark Chawner’s letters regarding the proposals to downgrade our train services.

Time and again Bexhill is the unlucky loser when it comes to train services to places further afield than Eastbourne or Hastings.

Whenever a step forward is made in improving the services something comes along to take them two steps backwards again.

Why oh why must we suffer even longer journey times to London through extended journey times to Victoria and the curtailing of through services to Ashford?

Bexhill is only 51 miles south of London but London is as accessible to Bexhillians as those living in the north of England.

In fact if you lived in the north of England you’d be able to travel around by train or road far quicker and easier than you can around here.

Drive up or down the M6 in Lancashire and you’d be seeing different town names appearing almost as quickly as if you were scouring the football league tables.

Try doing something similar in this area and 
you’d give up before you started.

I urge you to write to Huw Merriman MP and to to remind them of the importance of good railway links to the future prosperity of our town and surrounding area.

Tell them that it is NOT ACCEPTABLE for journey times to get longer rather than shorter.

We live in the so-called prosperous South East but we are literally on the edge of this prosperity.

We must do everything we possibly can to improve our train services as there is no appetite to build fast, continuous dual carriageway roads from Bexhill to the rest of the country.

Society has changed where we expect instant communication over the Internet but when it comes to physical travel in this neck of East Sussex we’re expected 
to put up with travel times little better than when the “horse and cart” were the norm.

If you care about Bexhill please help make a difference – get online and get typing!