Towns needs a strategic authority

I welcome the imminent Local Governance review.

We have experienced a 40 per cent reduction in the government grant to local authorities over the past five years and this trend is projected to continue.

A town council, as advocated by Labour, could provide an opportunity to save some selected valued services that a cash-strapped district council might chose to cut or reduce, e.g. the maintenance of Egerton Park, the Polegrove, Bexhill Museum or the public toilets.

An area committee of Rother Council, advocated by the Independents, would not be able to raise the additional funding to save these services.

But the worst option for Bexhill Central ward would be splitting Bexhill into a number of parishes, as advocated by the Conservatives.

This would require the council tax-payers of Bexhill Central ward to fund the central services, used by the entire town, on their own, and require council tax-payers in a ward with one of the lowest average tax bands in Bexhill to pay for these services, or else deprive the entire town of them.

It would also deprive Bexhill Central council tax-payers of a share of the revenue from the Community Infrastructure Levy on newly- built properties as there would be nowhere in Bexhill Central to build these.

We need a strategic authority that encapsulates the whole of Bexhill as a single entity.

A town council would be the ideal solution.


Labour Candidate for Bexhill Central

Amherst Road