Vandals have destroyed a very special landmark

From: Tessa Osborne, Kewhurst Avenue, Bexhill

Local landmark Salty Sam and Seaweed Sally, at Beaulieu Green beach, were vandalised and their upper bodies removed on the night of June 30.

The figures, that sat looking out to sea, were the creation of local artist Andy Sharrocks and his gift to the people of Bexhill.

Andy had spent months collecting driftwood from local beaches and other shores of the Seven Seas in order to make them.

People wrote poems and attached them to the log on which they sat and others left tokens of their visits and mementoes of dear ones they had lost.

Decorated stones attested to visitors from as far afield as Australia, the USA and South Africa. On occasions such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day, local people dressed and decorated Salty and Sally accordingly.

Many visitors have taken photos of their family sitting between the two figures.

Salty and Sally had even featured in a BBC news programme.

In short, Sally and Sam were a very special Bexhill landmark, which has now been destroyed by the mindless antics of those who thought this kind of vandalism amusing. What disappointing times we live in!