Waking up a seaside town

During the last days of my school summer holidays during the early 1950s, my sister and I, plus many other school children were paddling and wave hopping in the sea at Hastings opposite the Yelton Hotel (now the White Rock Hotel).

Suddenly, a loud blast and thunderous road burst upon us all as a black aircraft at very low level shot into view past the end of the pier.

Everybody ran from the water with some kids shouting.

Tranquillity was soon restored as the pilot John Derry in the de Havilland DH110, for it was him, continued his journey towards Rye Bay in the all black sister aircraft to the silver one that crashed at Farnborough.

In the biography of Derry it is mentioned with words to the effect that he wished to wake up some of the towns on the south coast.

He certainly did that and I believe he broke the sound barrier somewhere near Littlehampton on that run.