We don’t need pub giant

I would like to reply to Hillary Randall about Wetherspoon’s. I don`t think it’s great news for this town that a pub chain is coming into Bexhill when Bexhill has over 13 pubs around the town... and what about all the cafes and coffee shops that will lose business to them? Just because they have brought Bexhill last remaining cinema and three shops doesn’t mean they will get planning permission in a residential area. This is not what’s needed in the town. Hillary is also glad to see an investment of £2million being put into the town, but my group was going to put in £3million and have local jobs, and a home for local community groups.

Also with all these charity shops around Bexhill I would like to know as there are more than one of the same charity shops do they both get tax relief? Whereas any other business would have to pay a higher rate. And with the 24 plus charity shops in town how many of them have the whole building, which in some cases could be used to re-home people that need a place to stay. And finally with Rother thinking about putting up our council tax to save services, are they also deciding on whether to put their wages up, and how about the seven year contract Rother have just signed to give half a million a year to the DLWP? do you think that`s money well spent?