We need more low-cost housing

Bexhill Observer letters
Bexhill Observer letters

From: Cllr Charles Clark, St Michaels Ward, Kinver Lane, Bexhill

These are really hard times for our young people.

First, they leave university with £30,000 worth of debt from fees charged during their studies.

Once they start looking for their own homes, they are expected to find £30,000 for a deposit to buy their own home.

If they look at the rented market, a two-bedroom private rental starts at around £800 a month, which means you need two incomes to be able to pay the rent.

Even if they manage to buy or rent, it means they can’t afford to start a family. This is why many women are having children in their late 30s or even early 40s.

They are also expected to take out pension plans to make sure they plan for their retirement. Many young adults are forced to still live at home with their parents because they cannot afford to move out.

There are a million less council houses for rent than in the 1970s. This has allowed home prices and private rent prices to increase year on year. Rother is a low wages area with lots of service industry jobs, but house prices are some of the highest in the country.

Many young people feel forced out of the district to find better paid jobs.

We need more low cost housing so young families are able to bring up a family and save for their future.