Wetherspoons could be great news for Bexhill

There is clearly some disappointment that an apparent opportunity to “save” the Playhouse as a Cinema/Theatre was lost but having witnessed it’s history over the last fi8fteen years, I was never convinced that this was anything less than a high risk proposal.

Ideally the DLWP would cover that provision more comprehensively but it will never happen until the council (who handed over control in the first place) talks tough and mentions withdrawing the subsidy for example!

Meanwhile the proposal to develop this building and it’s evirons in the manner suggested (Pub chain’s application May 8) to include a roof top garden, demonstrates the flair and style that Wetherspoons has shown elsewhere-notably Tunbridge Wells (I don’t work for them).

I can’t see that parking is actually a particular issue (well no more than with the previous proposal for a conversion to flats).

Parking is always difficult on Western Road but it doesn’t follow that it’s all related to the various businesses.

I do appreciate that disabled drivers, in particular, utilise the spaces provided but without this important factor there would, perhaps, even be an argument for the pedestrianisation of the road.

It’s my impression that many drivers aren’t seeking to park at all but merely taking a short cut to the East side of town without having to go to the seafront and around the block.

Unlike many one-way systems there is that alternative to queueing readily available.

If drivers heading for Sea Road could at least be alerted to that possibility by signage it might even help.

The combination of a thriving Wetherspoons, a wine bar and a major hostelry all adjacent to Devonshire Square could create a central hub for Bexhill, maybe even with a performance space?

If Western Road traffic could be removed from the square altogether it could be fully utilised eg tables placed where the sun shines-now a roadway.

It’s hard to find many places where the town square has traffic passing through it and there could even be a weekly market. There are real opportunities here for Bexhill to thrive very positively and not necessarily fall victim to the worst excesses of alcoholic behaviour.

Seize the day!

Dave Walsh

Rothefield Avenue