Wetherspoons fill a gap in the market

I am sorry that Stephen Jackson has such a negative attitude towards Wetherspoons.

Of course it is right he should air his opinion but that is my point: it is his opinion and I for one, along with Hilary Randall(and presumably the rest of the Town Team)do not wish to be included in his sweeping statement: “We don’t need Wetherspoons.”

Previous correspondents, including myself, have written in broad support and now the Town Team is welcoming the opening.

There are many Wetherspoons in town centre locations without parking and I would call that a good thing - if you cant park you probably wont be tempted to drink and drive.

Yes we already have pubs and restaurants and cafes in abundance but experience tells me that a lot of pubs are reluctant to serve coffee/tea and cafes generally don’t serve alcohol, so Wetherspoons fill this gap in the market, that’s a major reason they are successful.

I note that if you want a cuppa and a bite early on a Sunday you are likely to find yourself in Subway.

Why? Becaause they are open as I suspect Wetherspoons will be.

I don’t doubt that some businesses will suffer but others will “step up”and trade alongside.

I look forward to a great choice of cask ale in Wetherspoons whilst my wife has coffee and eggs benedict.

If on the other hand Stephen Jackson is right that we don’t need Wetherspoons then people will vote with their feet, the business will not be profitable and will close.

I dont think so.


Pembury Grove