What has ESCC ever done for us?

The letter last week from Doug Stevenson reminds me of the Monty Python sketch of “what did the Romans ever do for us”. He appears to be complaining about the design of the new road and pavement improvement on the Marina.

The scale of consultation by ESCC about this development has been applauded. There were exhibitions that provided valuable considerable feedback, all of which was taken into account, especially the location of the pedestrial crossing.

When the scheme finally went before the ESCC Planning Committee, at which I attended to represent the comments of the Bexhill residents, (but neither the Independant Councillor nor the UKIP Councillor attended or commented), the only criticism came from the Bexhill Alliance, Mr Brian Cope, who complained that the 20 mph speed limits should be expanded to cover the whole of the town centre.

I assert that ESCC is doing so much to enhance the future of Bexhill, and I am proud to be your Conservative County Councillor at County Hall working to improve East Sussex generally and Bexhill in particular.

Cllr Michael Ensor

ESCC Bexhill King Offa Division