Who will give my son a job after his First Class degree in mathematics

University of Sussex
University of Sussex

From: Sharon Griffin, Larkhill, Bexhill

My 23-year-old son graduated from Sussex University last July with a masters in mathematics (and he got a first).

Yet despite applying for hundreds of jobs he has not been able to get one.

My son has mild autism (Aspergers) which can make social interaction a little more difficult for him and interviews can be quite daunting for him due to this.

It is heartbreaking to see him getting constantly turned down as he is such a bright, intelligent and truly gifted young man who would be an asset to any company who would just give him a chance.

So please, if there are any employers out there who would be willing to give my son this chance then please get in touch and help me put a smile back on my son’s face.