Why have Councillors not visited Spindlewood Drive?

sdr SUS-190214-113612001
sdr SUS-190214-113612001

From: Peter Webb, Glenleigh Park Road, Bexhill

Having read the various contributions about the Spindlewood Drive planning application (RR/2017/1705/P) in the Observer (March 8) I’m left with the distinct impression that no formal site visit has been carried out by councillors, neither by the Planning Committee nor by full council.

I don’t know what the conventions are in situations like this but in view of the number of proposed units, the loss of green field amenity, the amount of interest shown in the application, the number of objections, the inability of the council to make a decision and the possible impact on local infrastructure, is it not a little odd that our representatives do not automatically view the locality as part of the decision-making process?

I see that Rother District Council leader Cllr Carl Maynard thought the decision to refer back to the Planning Committee was correct. You report him as saying: “I think it is hugely important that any decision made stands up against any possible legal challenge.”

One cannot disagree, but hopefully the final decision will be the right one for our town and community too.