Why not open polling stations?

Bexhill Observer letters
Bexhill Observer letters

From: Beatrice Guest, Ridgewood Gardens, Bexhill

I presume our MP Huw Merriman has checked with the Home Office (which is responsible for the running of local elections) that the evasive actions taken by Rother District Council are perfectly legal?

On the very important issue of local governance, would it not be possible to make the whole situation open and above board by opening up the usual polling stations for one day, send out polling cards, and let the whole of the local population have their say?

RDC spend enough money sending out large circulars – some even printed on cardboard – regarding rubbish collection to every household, so why grudge money spent on an extremely important issue?

If a sensible referendum is not possible, may I suggest about six strategic points be stationed around the town, manned by members of D4B and other interested parties, with four petition forms at each point – 1) town council, 2) area committee, 3) four parishes, and 4) to remain in situ. Completed petitions to be handed to the town hall a day or two before October 13.

The sites I suggest would be 1) Ravenside, 2) Sackville Road, 3) Western Road, 4) Sidley High Street, and 5) Devonshire Road.