Why should we even bothering to vote anymore?

Votes being counted. Picture: Malcolm Wells
Votes being counted. Picture: Malcolm Wells

From: D. D. Shadwell, De La Warr Road, Bexhill

If you wish to police our streets, uphold the law and have powers to arrest the citizenry, you join the constabulary. First you’ll need training and qualifications then you become a PC.

But perhaps you prefer to minister to the sick among us, tend our wounds and cure our diseases. First you go to medical school to be trained and gain qualifications. Then you become a GP.

Or, you might want to take part in formulating the laws by which we live. You want to have a say in deciding every aspect of our lives. No training is required nor are any qualifications. Hey Presto! You become an MP. In the words of those weird furry creatures, “Simples!”.

Proof that we are governed by several hundred incompetents is all around us. The NHS, railways, social care and Brexit are all in a state of chaos, but those who are paid to regulate these things deny the reality or pretend it’s somebody else’s fault.

As my Irish friend says, “You wouldn’t trust any of them to push a wheelbarrow across the road and reach the other side.” We’ve not been as badly governed as this in my 70+ years. If, on rare occasions, they ask us for our opinion, either national or local, they ignore the answer.

Brexit and a Bexhill Town Council are cases in point.

Why on earth should we bother to vote, because as is well known, if voting changed anything they’d abolish it.