Woodville rest home

I am horrified that such a story can be written without any mention of how the residents and their families feel. My mum has been a resident in Woodville for nearly five years. She is cared for very well, especially over recent months since her health has deteriorated. The staff are lovely and will go an extra mile to help the residents. Caring for people with dementia is a very challenging job especially as everyone’s needs are so diverse.

I am a qualified nurse and looked at many homes for my mum before she moved here. Most were classed as good by the CQC but definitely were not.

Earlier in the year I was told by the manager of Woodville that the CQC felt that my mums needs could not be met. I strongly felt that they were being met. Woodville is also her home. The staff not only support my mum they support both my family and me. Not once have the CQC or Social Services approached me as next of kin for my opinion nor contacted me to inform me of their concerns. This I find the most worrying.

I would not move my mum whom I love very much and want the best for. I would also recommend it to anyone needing care for a relative with dementia.


Nikki Winter