Hollington talents in the medals

A 25-strong contingent from Hollington Gymnastics Club successfully competed at the Bourne Tumbling Invitational.

Thursday, 28th March 2019, 5:14 pm
Updated Thursday, 28th March 2019, 5:16 pm
Back row, from left: Ashley Frost, Talia Finch, Leon Ercegovic. Front row, from left: Darci OCallaghan, Riley Homan, Maddie Luke.

For many it was their first competition and for others it was their first time putting out new tumbles.

The event was made all the more interesting with a Portuguese club making an appearance in some grades.

The club tumblers took to the track first, with notable podium finishes from Darci O’Callaghan, Riley Homan and Ashley Frost.

Not to be outdone were the NDP tumblers, with medal-winning tumbles from Talia Finch, Leon Erecegovic, Sharni Gilbert, Hannah Turner, Ellie Cocks and Ashlyn Cotman.

Last to compete were the FIG development and FIG gymnasts. George Bune and Willow Kirkcaldy, both competing at age 11-12 FIG DEV, were worthy winners of a gold and silver medal respectively.

Maddie Luke brought the competition to a close for Hollington with an outstanding result in FIG. She battled it out against 19 gymnasts, including gymnasts from Portugal, to finish in the top three places at 11-12yrs FIG.

The top two then went head-to-head on the final tumble run to decide the medals. Maddie went into this lying second and came out victorious after producing a fantastic final run to strike gold.

Hollington coach Nikki Luke said: “The whole squad have had a tremendous competition and it’s great to see so many in fine form with the National Qualifiers just round the corner. Myself and the rest of the coaching team are proud of each and every one of them.”

Results - club tumblers: Sophie Kennedy club 2 7-8yrs 8th; Darci O’Callaghan club 2 9-10yrs 3rd; Maisie Standivan club 2 9-10yrs 25th; Riley Homan club 3 8yrs 1st; Mollie Bune club 3 8yrs 5th; Kenlie Cotman club 3 8yrs 7th; Ellie-Mae Smith club 3 11-12yrs 13th; Enola Macey-Richardson club 4 9-10yrs 4th; Eisa Thomas-Gillett club 4 9-10yrs 11th; Lexie Fielding club 4 9-10yrs 9th; Ashley Frost club 4 13-14yrs 1st; Imogen Burt NDP 1 9-10yrs 4th; Antalia Cole NDP 1 9-10yrs 23rd; Lara Brown NDP 1 11-12yrs 5th; Talia Kinch NDP 1 13+yrs 1st.

NDP tumblers: Emmie Hodgson NDP 2 11-12yrs 4th; Leon Ercegovic NDP 2 11-12yrs 2nd; Ayesha Hook-Chouhan NDP 2 13-14yrs 7th; Sharni Gilbert NDP 3 11-12yrs 1st; Hannah Turner NDP 3 15+yrs 3rd; Ellie Cocks NDP 4 over 13yrs 2nd; Ashlyn Cotman NDP 5 under 13yrs 2nd.

FIG DEV/FIG tumblers: Willow Kirkcaldy fig dev 9-10yrs 2nd; George Bune fig dev 11-12yrs 1st; Maddie Luke fig 11-12yrs 1st.