Hastings Thrives Songwriting Competition: public voting begins

Hastings Thrives Songwriting Competition is now open for public voting.

Tuesday, 6th July 2021, 10:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 6th July 2021, 10:02 am

Spokeswoman Jenny Lozano said: “The judges Andy Fyfe and Ed Boxall have cast their votes and now it’s your time to listen and vote for your personal favourites. See if you can guess who the judges chose as winners in the Under 16 and Under 12 age groups.

“There are some fantastic songs from Hastings young people, which show emerging talent in the under 16yrs. Christ Church CE Primary Academy show just how creative a small group of children can be with just a few lessons to create endearing and creative collaborations.

“We love collaborative songwriting in primary schools because it is inclusive of everyone, improves literacy skills and creates friendships, as well as teaching children how to work together - something so important for their futures."

Hastings Thrives trustee Susanna Longley is proud of the entries and recognises all the hard work which goes into songwriting: “It’s a huge challenge for anyone to write a song – to dream up a melody and find the right words. On top of that, try performing your work in front of friends, family and even people you don’t know! We are so proud of all of them and their creations.”

Jenny added: “Voting closes midnight Sunday, July 11 so get over there now. The popular vote and Judge's winners will be announced on Monday, July 12. The winners will have their song professionally recorded.

“Hastings Thrives would like to thank everyone involved: local songwriting teacher Anna Page, who supported young people to create songs; Claire Burford at Christ Church CofE Primary Academy, who broke a class down into small groups so they could write and record songs; dance music maestro Tony Friend, who recorded some of the tracks; and judges Ed Boxall (local artist and songwriter) and Andy Fyfe (music Journalist).


Amazing Nature -Christ Church CofE Primary Academy

Bumble Bees - Christ Church CofE Primary Academy

Butterflies - Twinkle Ansar

Changing Seasons - Christ Church CofE Primary Academy

Colosseum - Brier-Rain Merrymead

Creatures of the Night - Twinkle Ansar

Devil's Land - Jade Wunsche

I'm So Glad - Christ Church CofE Primary Academy

Living In A Dream - Hastings Academy Yr7

Nature's Moment - Christ Church CofE Primary Academy

The Revolution Of Pollution - Stan Thornton

Sidewalk - Ruby Wunsche

The Sweet Scent Of Spring - Beth Atkinson

Tumble To A Bound - Layla-Rose Rodrigues

Weeping Willow - Marina Rolfe