"I got into university and for that, I am over the moon"

Sussex student Jenny Bathurst has won her place to study journalism at the University of Brighton (Eastbourne campus).

Saturday, 15th August 2020, 6:00 am
Jenny Bathurst

The coronavirus crisis robbed her of the chance to sit A levels. This week she got her grades - and her place at university. She shares her thoughts...

"Wednesday 12th August, 10:00 am

"Just a fortnight ago, the thought of results day had barely crossed my mind. I imagined that nearer to the time the nerves would begin to kick in and the doubts start to bubble up to the surface, but at that moment I was very much in the “what will be will be” mindset. And I was right. I am, now, terrified. With less than twenty four hours to go until I can finally open that envelope, the anticipation that goes hand in hand with finding out any form of results has certainly begun to take its toll. I am sure that in a week’s time I will read this back and laugh at how dramatic I am being whether I receive the results I need to attend university or not.

"As I mentioned in my latest article, it really is the impact of those A Level grades on your future that contribute primarily to the fear. Journalism is a career path that I so desperately want to pursue, and the University of Brighton already feels a part of my life before I have even been given an unconditional offer. The thought of reading my grades tomorrow and being pushed one step back from making this future my reality is a horrible feeling. Having been woken up by the news of mock results perhaps playing a larger part in these results than anticipated, (and the scorching heat – this weather is disgusting), this has also added another element of confusion, with little detail to how this will impact the grades assigned by teachers.

"For all the thoughts whirling around my head at this instant, the thought that they will all be settled tomorrow morning is both comforting and concerning. I look forward to my half an hour of sleep tonight!

"Thursday 13th August, 10:30am

"Well I was wrong about getting half an hour of sleep – I got an hour instead. My goodness, I was stressed. And when I did sleep I dreamt about results, university, everything that I was trying to forget in order for me to calm down. Today has been a morning of massively mixed emotions for students around the country. Downgrading has clearly taken its toll on many and hearing my friends’ reactions, either positive or negative has been incredibly varied. The main thing is, I got into university. And for that, I am over the moon. Studying journalism at the University of Brighton has been my dream ever since I went to visit for the first time, and I cannot wait to begin my degree. I didn’t have to go through clearing and I personally am erring towards the side of not going through the rigmarole of appealing, whether I could have heightened my grades or not. It has been heart-breaking to hear of pupils who have been downgraded far below what they were capable of, and it is certainly a bittersweet feeling wondering if these grades are really showcasing our full potential.

"If anybody is reading this and is disappointed with their results, I am sure you have heard this before but let me assure you that they do not define your worth or your value. This year has been a tremendous challenge to all of us, and whether those letters are truly representative of the work you have put in or not, they really are just a steppingstone. For now, we can take a sigh of relief that it is over and try to relax!