Cultural differences in our society reflected in art show

Jerwood Gallery new show October 20 2018
Jerwood Gallery new show October 20 2018

Jerwood Gallery’s latest exhibition - Barbara Walker: Vanishing Point which opens October 20 and runs until January 6 - confronts the issues of race and representation in art from the Old Masters through to the present day.

Walker is interested in issues of class and power, gender, race, representation and the politics of how we look at others.

She makes portraits in a range of media and formats - from small embossed works on paper to paintings on canvas and large-scale charcoal wall drawings - in order to explore social and political issues.

For Barbara Walker: Vanishing Point the artist has selected two paintings from the collection of the National Gallery, London, that are displayed alongside her own drawings in order to highlight cultural differences in historic and contemporary societies.

They are The Banquet of Cleopatra by Tiepolo and A Homage to Velázquez by Giordano, both of which feature Black figures.

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