Enjoy Sotto Voce Arts Festival this month

Sotto Voce Arts is a unique cultural arts event which will bring 15 Italian artists, musicians and actors from South East Italy here to collaborate with 15 local professional artists.

Director Glenys Jacques said: “This is a creative European collaboration. We are exploring the repression of new discoveries and the explosion of ideas in both science and art, which began in the 16th century with Galileo in Italy and Francis Bacon in England. Themes which are very relevant today.”

The festival began in Salento, Italy, last year when the mayor and philosopher, Ada Fiore, gave Jacques the newly restored castle for a residency and exhibition which explored recycling and philosophy.

The 2015 festival brings 23 different events to Hastings and Bexhill, including performances, exhibitions, artist talks and workshops, and many events are free.

Artists Tom Hammick and Patrick Jones will be in conversation at The Beacon on Wednesday July 15 discussing collaborations with English National Opera.

There will be free workshops at De la Warr Pavilion with Argalio traditional folk music and Alibi contemporary theatre group on July 12 and 19.

There will also be an Alibi theatre play at the Stade Hall, Thursday July 16 at 8pm. Alibi’s performance explores the social pressure today to deny reality in issues like fracking, and displacement of people.

Italian pizzica music of Argalio, is the heartbeat of southern Italian culture, the rhythm and dance is a form of therapy which keeps communities healthy and positive. Argalio play a free gig at the Jenny Lind pub, 8pm on July 15.

The Jerwood gallery will host free artists talks on Tuesday July 23, 2-4pm, and artists will be exhibiting in the crypt at St Mary in the Castle and at 35 Robertson Street from July 21-26.

The finale will be a spectacular evening performance of ‘The New Atlantis’ with The Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments in collaboration with laser light artist Paul Friedlander at St Mary in the Castle. They explore the seemingly magical, musical phenomena that Bacon sought to explain in his sound experiments in the 1620s. Playing some extraordinary instruments from the 17th century, including the bizarre two metre long tromba marina, the show highlights the astonishing aural effects and illusions that so intrigued our 17th century forbears.

Full details of these and many other festival events and tickets are available at www.sottovocearts.org and from Hastings Tourist Office 01424 451111.