Hallucinating Angels and Bexhill In Love

The Shoop Shoop Show this weekend is the result of people in Bexhill sharing treasured memories and experiences of love.

The Bexhill In Love project now comes to the Dunbar Hall in Hastings Musuem and The Shoop Shoop Show will be held on Saturday February 6 and Sunday February 7 at 2pm.

This is the latest work by local art group Hallucinating Angels which pitched a tent on Bexhill sea front and talked to people on camera about what they loved - people, places, creatures, activities and precious things. Those interviews were edited into a film and also inspired a live performance. The film was shown at the DLWP studio in November. The company’s enthusiasm has led to this ‘transfer’ with new material to Hastings.

Director Frances Viner said: “We aimed to celebrate the lives of locals and visitors by interviewing in a very public setting - the tent on prom. We’re interested in people’s stories and Bexhill In Love has confirmed once again that there are many people who are eager to share and paticipate. Our ultimate aim is to reveal a community to itself and it’s richness and diversity. What has been rewarding is how often people have loved being represented. Our future work will deepen this process between story gathering and the creative potential those stories provide.

This year we plan to develop another theme for our stories. We want to explore the ramifications of Home physically, psychologically, politically.

As we develop our method it has become increasingly about searching for and exploring the personal stories people don’t even know they have to tell. The Shoop Shoop Show is a chance for us to pull together in an entertaining and witty way what love means to us.”

Hallucinating Angels will be taking Shoes which was hosted by DLWP to the Derry Playhouse in Northern Ireland this year.

Tickets £7 and £5 on door.