Kino-Teatr’s mini film season alongside piano competition

Adrian Brody in The Pianist
Adrian Brody in The Pianist

To celebrate the 12th Hastings International Piano Concert Competition which started on Thursday February 25, Kino-Teatr are showing four of the most outstanding films about remarkable pianists, both real and fictional.

The programme started on Thursday with Shine, a 1996 drama based on the life of Australian pianist David Helfgott who suffered a mental breakdown but overcame his demons and achieved great success.

Next, this afternoon, Friday, at 3pm is Grand Piano, a chilling thriller made in 2013 starring Elijah Wood as a concert pianist who returns to the stage, having suffered from stage fright, to find a threatening note written on the score.

On Saturday February 27 at 4pm is a showing of The Legend of 1900. Tim Roth stars in this fable about a boy who grows up on an ocean liner and never sets foot on dry land. Aboard the ship, he becomes a brilliant pianist but he is reluctant to leave the world of the ship. The brunch move on Sunday at 1pm is Dangerous Moonlight 1941(PG), a love story between a Polish airman and piano virtuoso in Nazi occupied Poland and an American journalist. Finally, on Sunday February 28 at 4pm is The Pianist by Roman Polanksi based on the true story of Wladyslaw Spilman, a celebrated Polish pianist in the 1930s, who became caught up in the catastrophic events of the Second World War. This is the pianist’s witness to what he saw and what happened to him.