Poet strives to inspire the young to speak out

Poet Tommy Sissons returns to Meet Of TheTongue in Robertsbridge
Poet Tommy Sissons returns to Meet Of TheTongue in Robertsbridge

Tommy Sissons, a young poet from the south-east, returns to Robertsbridge’s spoken word, music and storytelling venue, Meet of the Tongue, at the Ostrich.

Tommy is a regular on Channel 4’s series Four to the Floor, which features music, animation and the finest new performers in the UK.

Tommy is now working with Red Bull to create an episode for upcoming TV series Stories in the Key of Life, and has released an EP with his band, Normanton Street, as well as having his plays performed at Chichester Festival Theatre and Londons’ Unicorn Theatre.

Sissons words come raw, gritty and from the heart; he paints the harsh realities of urban lifestyles with eloquence and beauty. Asked if his poetry is political, Sissons commented: “Well, they are about life - but life is political.”

At Meet Of The Tongue Robert will perform at 8pm to inspire young people from Robertsbridge and the surrounding areas to speak out to their communities.

As part of a Youth Voice project, young people living or going to school in Robertsbridge are invited to shape their own spoken words; whether speeches, lyrics, raps or rants with the help of professional musicians, and poets, at a workshop on Saturday Oct 10.

After the workshop, they can perform alongside professional performers in the village on Saturday November 28. Information and registration forms for the October workshop are available in Robertsbridge’s Judges bakery.

Tickets for Meet Of The Tongue cost £4/£5, U18 Free. Doors 7.30. Info at www.facebook.com/MeetoftheTongue