Fashion extravaganza wears it well

The saying which states that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure was epitomised to the max at the spectacular FRONT ROW Fashion and Performance Art show, held at the De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill last Saturday (November 26).

Recognised as one of the major fashion ‘compassion’ shows in Sussex, this year’s creative theme was ‘Wearable Art’.

Flamboyant host Rachel Spinetti, niece of famous British actor Victor Spinetti lead the audience through an evening of music, art and performance.

The event boasted a curated catwalk of pre-loved garments sourced from FRONT ROW’s partner charity St Michael’s Hospice, facilitated by the charity’s Queens Road shop manager Bertie Hustwayte.

Freya von Bulow’s haunting PaperCouture collection themed Stalingrad with the poignant ‘No More War’ message was a spectacular production; thought provoking and moving. Models dressed in Freya von Burlow’s awesome costumes gave an superb performance on the catwalk and with genuine war footage splayed on a big screen in the background, along with a deeply dark soundtrack which reverberated throughout the room, the whole performance was explosive.

London based AfroRetro Label, mixing pre-loved Lothian with Uganda prints, presented newly launched Bootleg Costumes creating customised costumes for all occasions in Hastings.

Crystal Hart and her glittering entourage of Terrence Higgins Trust supporters performed ‘Gay Icons’ and an outrageous rendition of The Spice Girls’ Wannabe delighted the audience.

Designers from around the UK took part in the ‘WearUrArt’ design challenge, presenting their creations in an epic showcase and award ceremony. Entries were hand picked and the winners’ awards were presented by multi-award-winning costume designers Jeanny Beavan (Mad Max Fury Road, Sherlock Holmes) and John Bright (Room With A View). They said they had been ‘inspired and humbled by the creativity and quality of entries’ of this years Charity Shop Design Challenge.

The event’s Creative Director, Maika Crampton says it was the biggest FRONT ROW production yet. “Participants were encouraged to be as outrageous and innovative as possible,” she said. “Using materials sourced from charity shops to a budget of only £30 we had some astonishing entries from creative talent of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.”

The production also featured an ethereal Performance by Monday Bhuto Dance Theatre, and live performances by Maggie K de Monde of Scarlet Fantastic and Paris Indie Band Pussy Cherie.

Maika he event also raised a substantial amount of money for partner charities St Michael’s Hospice and The Terrance Higgins Trust, adding: “It was an exuberant evening and we are very exited to be taking a major part of it to the Southbank Centre for a separate showcase on December 10 where the next Charity shop Design Challenge 2017 will officially be launched. It’s a free event and the show starts at 4pm. “

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