Inspired in new work by tragic end to life

steven wilson to appear at musics not dead march 2015
steven wilson to appear at musics not dead march 2015

Grammy nominated musican and producter Steven Wilson will be signing copies of new album HAND.CANNOT.ERASE. at Music’s Not Dead in Bexhill.

This is an exciting coup for the Bexhill music store because it will be one of only four signing sessions across the UK to launch HAND.CANNOT.ERASE.

This is Steven’s fourth solo album but he is also a founding member of Porcupine Tree and has worked with artists such as Opeth, King Crimson, Pendulum, Jethro Tull, XTC, Yes, Marillion and Anathema.

Growing up in Hemel Hempstead the love affair with music began with his parents listening to Dark Side Of the Moon and Love To Love You Baby in “heavy rotation” and he still enjoys the epics from the past such as Tommy and Quadrophenia by The Who, The Wall by Pink Floyd and Radiohead’s OK Computer.

With HAND.CANNOT.ERASE he was influenced by the true story of Joyce Vincent who died alone at the age of 38 in a bedsit in Wood Green in 2003 and remained undiscovered for over two years. Beside her were some presents she’d been wrapping for Christmas in the flickering light of a still-functioning television. “This planted the seed,’ he said, “and the rest of the concept ballooned from there. The story seemed so symptomatic of the modern world, the idea that – even in this age of social media - you could be surrounded by millions of people on the other side of walls and yet be completely isolated.” Music’s Not Dead, Devonshire Road, 01424 552435.