Modern folk instore gig with Kristin

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kristin mcclement gig for musics not dead vRqIwXuU_iAwwx51OeVH

Kristin McClement

Live at Music’s Not Dead, Bexhill

Saturday March 28, 3.30pm (free)

Born in South Africa, the daughter of a classics teacher and a carburettor repairman, Kristin spent her early years travelling with family.

Having grown up amongst the wild open country, colourful wildlife and shores of the Indian Ocean, Kristin moved to England aged 13. It was around this time she picked up her first guitar and began writing songs. She later moved to Brighton to study Fine Art but soon caught the attention of the local folk scene. After a handful of performances Kristin was adopted by The Willkommen Collective (The Leisure Society, Eyes And No Eyes, Laish, Sons of Noel And Adrian, Shoreline).

After recording her first self-titled EP, Kristin worked alongside producer David Ringland, and in Spring 2013 The EP Pursue The Blues was released, a collection of songs revealing her voice and guitar at their most solitary and intimate.

Kristin’s debut album The Wild Grips was released in February via Willkommen Records. Produced and engineered by Christian Hardy (The Leisure Society, Christian Silva) the album features previous long-time band members Becca Mears on cello (Peggy Sue, Eyes and No Eyes, The Mariner’s Children) and Tom Heather on drums (Eyes and No Eyes). The Wild Grips is a rendering of modern folk songs where the acoustic and the electronic rub alongside.